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About Me: Katina Hungerford

My extensive marketing career is highlighted by my tenure at Stew Leonard's. There, I pioneered the company's social media efforts, building it from one Facebook Page to 57 Social Media Accounts, Paid and Organic Strategies, a team of 12 Assistants, several influencers and many high-profile Celebrity Collaborations like Martha Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Bon Jovi. My leadership transformed Stew's social media efforts into a dynamic digital marketing force with innovative and authentic campaigns, countless viral video reels, significantly growing the brand, email and app database, customer count and sales of $500 Million+ Annually.

 Through my freelance work as Hungerford Marketing LLC, I share this wealth of knowledge with small businesses, providing them with the workshops, consultations and strategies for digital success. In-person throughout Connecticut or online nationwide for individuals or team workshops. Let's connect to explore how we can tell your story in the digital world!

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Stew Leonard Jr
Stew Leonard's CEO

"Katina has been more than just our Social Media Manager at Stew Leonard's for the last 17 years. Katina is a digital go-getter and has some great ideas. She is always available 24/7 and is really easy to work with. Katina transformed a single Facebook page with a few hundred followers into a network of 57 accounts, complete with 12 social team helpers, a lineup of community influencers, and all the bells and whistles. She also developed a “Viral Video Recipe” that led to multiple videos going viral, hitting 30-50 million views. Katina is a versatile content strategist, photographer, and video editor and she even can whip up cartoons on the spot and hand-paint signs! Her strategic insights and creative email acquisition also helped grow our email list from about 25,000 to over 400,000 subscribers. My family and I look forward to continuing to work with Katina as she transitions to a consulting role at Stew Leonard’s."

Liz Raniere Zimmerman

E-commerce Director 

White Flower Farm

"If you are lucky enough to get the chance to work for, with, or even just nearby Katina - leap at that chance. She is digital-marketing savvy (and her guidance is based on real-world experience), kpi-aware (if you name a digital marketing activity, she's got a set of metrics for you to use), creative (such a strong writer and visual marketer and brainstorming facilitator), and a complete problem-solver (she can listen to a nuanced situation and advise how to proceed with specificity). But most importantly, she is a treat to work with: kind, thoughtful and authentic."

Jeff Larson

Mediassociates | CEO

"Katina is a social media star. During our time together she drove significant improvement in both followers and engagement, leveraging creative tactics to optimize performance. She was always a step ahead as it related to innovative and emerging capabilities that could help move us forward. Her design experience also gave her a great eye for content which is so critical in the fast paced social media game. Beyond her social media and content expertise, Katina brings a positive, can-do attitude which completes the package. I'm happy to recommend Katina. She would be a great addition to any team."


NEW! Intro to Ai Workshop

Ai Marketing Path For Beginners 

You hear a lot about Ai these days - but what is it really?
Have you tried to use it? Not sure where to begin?

Intro to AI for Business Marketing: Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with our engaging 2-hour workshop designed to bring high-end marketing agency capabilities right into the palm of your hand. 🚀 Perfect for small business owners or marketing leaders aiming to amplify their marketing goals, this session will introduce you to the transformative power of AI tools like ChatGPT, setting you on a path to exceptional digital marketing success.

🔍 Discover AI Possibilities: Kickstart your journey with an enlightening presentation that outlines the fundamentals of AI in marketing. We'll explore how your businesses can leverage these tools to compete with big players, offering a practical guide to integrating AI seamlessly into your existing strategies. Learn to identify quick wins and long-term benefits as we lay the groundwork for exponential growth.

🗣️ Empower Your Team: Think you need a big budget to achieve big results? Think again! Our focused group discussion will show you how to maximize your resources by empowering your existing team to utilize AI tools effectively. We'll explore ways to transform every team member into a powerhouse marketer using AI-driven insights and automation.

🌌 'Zero Gravity' Idea Lab: Inspired by cutting-edge brainstorming techniques, our 'Zero Gravity' Idea Lab will free your mind from traditional constraints, allowing unbridled creativity to take flight. This session is designed to generate out-of-this-world ideas for engaging marketing campaigns that capture the essence of your brand and resonate with your audience.

🌟 Practical Steps to AI Mastery: Transition from theory to practice as we guide you through setting up and optimizing ChatGPT for your business. By the end of this workshop, you’ll not only understand the potential of AI but also know how to apply it to create compelling content, streamline customer interactions, and analyze your marketing performance.

📝 Road Map To Success: Conclude your session with a tailored action plan that outlines clear, achievable steps to implement AI in your marketing. You'll leave with a strategic map that includes key performance indicators and a timeline to help your business achieve agency-level results without the agency price tag.

Elevate your business with AI-driven marketing strategies that deliver superior results. Join us for this foundational workshop and transform your approach to digital marketing. Contact us today to reserve your spot and begin your ascent to the top! 🚀

Social Media Consultation

Explore our comprehensive Social Media & Marketing Consultation, designed to transform your business’s digital strategy. In this personalized session, we delve deep into your current marketing efforts, offering expert analysis and actionable insights. Our consultation covers a range of essential topics, from optimizing your social media presence to developing effective marketing campaigns. We provide tailored advice, innovative strategies, and practical solutions to help you achieve your marketing goals and elevate your brand's online impact. Ideal for businesses seeking to refine their digital footprint and maximize their marketing potential.

Brand Photography

Capture the essence of your brand with my Photography Service tailored for both one-time projects or full-month content packages. I specialize in creating custom, high-quality photographs that transform your social media presence. Whether you need a single session or a diverse collection of images for ongoing campaigns, my expertise ensures your brand's visual narrative is compelling and memorable. Elevate your digital identity with imagery that not only captures attention but also tells your unique story.

Small Business - Big Goals!
Social Media Workshop

Small social team or no team? Join our 'Lean and Mean Social Machine' workshop, a tailored 2-hour session designed to elevate your business's social media presence without expanding your team. Focusing on strategic use of current resources, this workshop includes a detailed Social Media Audit, practical Group Discussions, and efficient Brainstorming Sessions. We provide streamlined strategies and a bespoke action plan, ensuring that your existing team can effectively amplify your brand's digital influence. Perfect for businesses seeking impactful social media growth using their current setup.

Custom Videos / Reels

Create a lasting impact with my Video/Reels Service, perfect for both one-off projects and comprehensive monthly content campaign packages. I focus on crafting engaging video content that speaks directly to your audience, encompassing everything from teaser reels to detailed video stories. Collaborating closely with your brand, I bring your message to life on social media. Whether it’s a standout promotional video or a series of dynamic reels, my service ensures your brand shines in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Social Boost Workshop

Introducing 'Social Media Orbit: Navigating to Digital Excellence', our premier 2-hour consultation and strategy session designed for businesses of any size. 🚀 Elevate your brand with advanced social media strategies, starting with a detailed audit and personalized analysis. Our workshop emphasizes team synergy, transforming your teams into powerful brand ambassadors and innovative content creators. Experience our unique 'Zero Gravity' brainstorming approach for generating captivating ideas, and receive a tailored action plan aligning these concepts with industry best practices. This workshop is your key to mastering the social media landscape with a strategy as dynamic and expansive as your business. Propel your brand to new digital heights today! 🚀

Content Writing

Tell your brand's story with an influential Content Writing Service, suitable for both singular projects and month-long content strategies. As an experienced storyteller, I excel in creating content that resonates with your audience and strengthens your online presence. Whether crafting a compelling blog post or curating a series of engaging social media updates, my service is tailored to meet your specific needs. I ensure each piece of content reflects your brand's unique voice, driving engagement and fostering a robust online community around your business.


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